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Character: Yuuri (original name: Airi Anri)
Series: Puella Magi Kazumi Magica
Version: During chapter 5, right before she turns into a witch
Age: Not said, but probably between 14 and 16
Gender: Female

Appearance: Yuuri is a fair skinned teenage girl with long blond hair held up in twintails and yellow/amber eyes. Her Soul Gem is roughly the same color as her eyes, the actual gem part being amber, while the ornate base and the emblem on top being the traditional gold colored. The emblem is the symbol representing the magical girl and in her case, it looks like some sort of ginkgo leaf, but pointier. (... or a pineapple top, according to some) That emblem can also be found imprinted on the fingernail of the middle finger on her left hand. When untransformed, her Soul Gem in found in the shape of a silver ring with an amber gem on the same finger. Her name is written in runes on said ring. When transformed, her Soul Gem becomes an oval jewel located below her breasts, right in the middle.

In her civilian clothing, she seems to be wearing normal clothing among teenage girls of her city. She’s wearing a long-sleeved shirt, a ruffled mini skirt, striped stocking with low cut boots, and a hat. Unfortunately, she is never drawn in color in her normal outfit, but it’s assumed she probably has a similar color scheme as her magical girl outfit.

When transformed, her outfit becomes absolutely impossible to wear—I mean... skimpier and complex. She wears a purple leotard, but I’m using this word loosely. Her back is fully exposed and her front is only covered at her breasts which then goes straight down to cover her lower regions. Everything else is exposed, including parts of said lower regions. She has two pairs of detached sleeves: a large purple one that starts at the middle of her upper arm and ends near her wrist and a skin tight one that ends just below the first one. That last one has purple and white stripes, the same as the pair of stockings she wears. She wears a short, skirt/tutu in a darker shade of purple which has a white ribbon in a bow on it on the side. She has a pair of dark purple boots and a big purple witch hat she occasionally wears, though she takes it off during battle. She also has a necklace with a spoon hanging from it she wears both as a magical girl and untransformed.

Personality: Airi used to be a pretty normal kid. Quite possibly the only things we know for sure about her was that she was truly dedicated to her best friend, and that she did despair when she was told she only had three months to live. This all changed after she made her wish and she became Yuuri. She became consumed with anger and revenge and it took over her entire life. For all it’s worth, one could even describe her now as: insane. She lives for only one thing: to mentally torture and kill the magical girls who killed her best friend, who had turned into a witch. Nearly everything she does, she does it in the name of revenge. She doesn’t mind getting innocent people involved, or caught in the crossfire either. In fact, she uses other women’s problems or ambitions and turns them into fake witches to help her out. These fake witches go out of their way to hunt and harm/possibly kill other humans, but she doesn’t care. As long as they help her out on her revenge quest, the entire town could die and she wouldn’t blink... maybe except to boast about how strong she made those witches. It made her quite sadistic as well, she’s not just content with killing, so, she loves to see them cry and suffer before and she usually does so by attacking that person’s “treasure”.

Her quest for revenge also made her power hungry and she began hunting for witches to get stronger. She enjoys doing so... perhaps even a bit too much as she’s seem acting almost completely insane after killing them, even drinking some of their blood while laughing like a maniac. And considering how powerful she is when compared to some more “normal” magical girls, she has probably defeated a lot of witches in her power hungry mode.

That said, this also makes her a complete hypocrite. Witches are corrupted magical girls, and sadly, it’s the fate of all magical girls unless they get killed before it happens. Yuuri knows this, she knows that the original Yuuri turned into a witch and that the Pleiades killed her. This is why she’s after them after all. And yet... it doesn’t stop HER from going out and attacking witches like a complete maniac. Apparently they didn’t do anything to save her, and that’s a terrible sin... but she can kill as much as she wants.

However, deep down, she is a really dedicated friend. The entire reason why she is on this revenge trip is because she couldn’t accept that her best friend sacrificed herself for her and was then killed. She even took on her name and life for her. Reminding her of the good times spent together with the real Yuuri is enough to trouble her and destabilize her during battle. If someone could look past her actions and manage to befriend her (which in her current state, would be a hard task indeed), they would find a normal girl who loves her friends and wishes nothing more than eat and discover delicious food with them.

But really, she’s a good kid... who was catapulted across the despair event horizon by a horrible event and truth manipulation via Kyubey.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Yuuri is a magical girl... and sadly in this world, being a magical girl isn’t just flashy transformation sequences, magic, and frills of justice. For starters, magical girls are actually litches: without their knowledge, their souls are ripped from their bodies and placed inside what they think is just another transformation trinket, the Soul Gem. However, this has a few advantages; as long as the Soul Gem is intact the girl is practically invincible. Since the body is nothing but hardware, it can be healed over and over again with magic without the girl even realising it. This also means that in theory, the magicla girl can disconnect herself from her body to stop her from feeling pain, though this can make her slower as a downside.

Each magical girl gains basic magical powers based on their original wish. Since she wished to become someone else, Yuuri’s powers allow her to transform herself into anyone physically. She also seems capable of copying speech patterns and the like using that magic, thus truly “becoming” said person. She seems unable to use other powers while transformed and needs to revert back to her magical girl form to do anything else.

Apart from her shape shifting abilities, Yuuri has plenty more magical powers; in fact, she has more magical powers than anyone else in the series. Her primary form of attack is via magically created guns. These guns come in all shapes and forms, going from pistols to machine guns. They can shoot a variety of ammo: normal bullets, shackles and binds, arrows containing holographic messages, and even some sort of magical darts to harm without doing much damage, perfect for torture. And these are just what has been seen, she can pretty much create any type of ammo she wants. She has two main magic attacks: the first one consist of summoning a bull she calls Cole to attack, mostly via ramming, her opponents. Her second attack spell is called “Il Triangolo” and harms people with triangle shaped explosions.

Apart from attack spells, she’s capable of creating time bombs out of magical circles, detonating them at a distance. She’s also able to create powerful force fields that harm anyone who touches it and binds to wrap around someone to constrict them, perfect for kidnapping.

She has one more ability, though in this case, it’s not directly hers. She is in possession of what she calls “Evil Nuts”; an imitation Grief Seed from a currently unknown source. It’s not completely clear how it works just yet, but if she inserts one into a person’s forehead, that person becomes a pseudo-witch. The person seems to become consumed by her obsession and starts attacking people in order to fulfill it. The victim is capable of transforming into a monster at will and using powerful attacks. However, once the Evil Nut is removed, the victim turns back to normal and seems to lose all memory of the ordeal.

Apart from magical abilities, Yuuri is rather smart and calculating. She’s capable of creating complex revenge plots and when they don’t work, she’s very capable of improvising on the spot to get out of it. She’s also surprisingly patient; she doesn’t mind biding her time if it means catching her enemies in traps, or learning more about them to be able to mimic them perfectly. She also uses known information to create strategies to counter her opponents or at least give her an advantage over them. She tries to enter encounters with an advantage, while crippling her enemies. She also has a good memory and pays attention to details, being able to recall and copy an exact replica of the weapon that killed Yuuri just to attack the Pleiades.

While ‘revenge’ might not exactly the best strength here, it serves her well. She is extremely focused on her tasks and is nearly unstoppable when she puts her mind to it. The drive for revenge also means she’s unable to give up and she finishes everything she started. It also makes her a pretty powerful magical girl as she was able to learn a very large amount of magic in a short time. One of her strongest points however, is her dedication to her friends, she will do anything for them... even if in this case, it was pushed too far and she decided to BECOME said friend in the name of revenge. Yeah, it might not be the best in terms of sanity or morality, but revenge is her best strength, in a way.

Weaknesses: Let's get this out of the way first. Yuuri is a magical girl which means she gets the normal set of weakness associated with this. As said, her soul is actually located inside her Soul Gem, and while this has a lot of pros, the cons are terrible. First off, her Soul Gem needs to be within a 100 meter radius from the magical girl at any time or else the girl "dies". The body stops moving and reverts back to a corpse until the Gem is reunited with the body. The body can even start to rot after a few days if the Gem isn’t found fast enough. On top of it, if the Soul Gem is destroyed, the girl will permanently die. The Gem is the girl’s life, thus giving her a big Archille’s Heel. And in most cases, Yuuri included, they aren’t even aware of that fact.

The biggest weakness related to magical girls however is the corruption. When they use magic, or simply start falling victim to grief and despair, the Soul Gem starts to darken and need to be periodically cleaned by a Grief Seed. The darker the Gem gets, the more “corrupted” the state of mind of the girl gets. They start becoming more irrational and tend to react even more emotionally to situation, which fastens the darkening at the same time. Once the Soul Gem is completely black, it cracks and become a Grief Seed. At that time, the girl dies and becomes a witch, which can only be killed, not saved. So once again, they need to pay close attention to the Gem or else they would die. In Yuuri's case, it's even worse because when she's being consumed by revenge, she doesn't notice anything except the current fight, which means she pays no attention to the state of her magic or her Soul Gem, attacking with reckless abandon. And yes, this eventually turns her into a witch.

However, Yuuri’s biggest weakness is her current unstable state of mind. Her mind is stuck in a permanent state of revenge and that is pretty much her ONLY drive for her actions at this point. If it doesn’t revolve around her revenge, she won’t get involved. And when she does get involve, she doesn’t mind leaving innocents harmed or even possibly killed in her wake. If it furthers her goals, she’ll do it no questions asked. Because of that, it’s extremely easy for her to make enemies. And sadly, it also means that she is pretty much willing to believe anything. She’s not gullible in the proper sense of the word, more that if someone was to bluff and say “kill everyone in this building and the Pleiades will appear”, if that someone sounds convincing enough, she won’t think twice about it. She won’t question it, nor will she try to see the rationale or the other side of the problem. Kyubey told her “your friend turned into a witch and these girls killed her” and she never even bothered to ask why or get more info apart from “who are they so I can murder these bitches”. She is right, everyone else is wrong. You are with her, or against her, that’s all.

Her irrationality also gets her to try and drop “hints” at her enemies. In order to make herself known to the girls, she attacked them with a specific type of arrow they had once used, sent them letters with a a specific logo, and decided to specific locations. She meant it as a way to make them feel guilty and to make them understand who she was, but it only served to confuse the girls further as they didn’t know the real Yuuri and only one of them saw her turn into a witch. She wants to be cryptic with her clues, but they tend to go unnoticed because she can’t seem to realize that not everyone is fixated on the same things as she is. Not to mention that she would give up a chance for an easy kill just to twist that knife in. When she was giving them their clues, they were honestly sitting ducks. She could have fired her spells once more and killed them all, but no, she wanted to torture them longer, and in the end, this caused her downfall.

And the worst part is, she was a normal kid before, there is the possibility that someone could make her see that she is wrong... and that would be the worst possible thing to do. Telling her that by her logic, she has also killed dozens of innocent magical girls and making her realize she’s wasting her life on revenge would probably send her over the edge and her Soul Gem would probably crack immediately. So in a way... she needs to remain insane. Getting her back to her normal self would simply hasten her death.

History: Once upon a time lived two girls, Airi and Yuuri. They used to be only classmates, but one day, Yuuri cooked a meal for everyone in said class. It was a success; except one of the classmates complained that he suffered from food poisoning after the event, which sent Yuuri in a shock and stayed home, avoiding school and the like. She didn’t come back until Airi showed up at her house and proved that the boy in class was trying to frame her, and they became best friends.

However, things went downhill two years later. Airi was diagnosed with an unknown illness and the doctors gave her only three months to live. She was devastated and naturally angry, shunning Yuuri away in her despair. It was then that Yuuri said something strange to her: “If you wish to live then I’ll save you, no matter what.” Airi told her that she did want to live and keep eating delicious food with her, so Yuuri gave her a lucky spoon, saying it was filled with dreams.

The next day, Airi was miraculously cured. She was overjoyed and thanked Yuuri for the spoon, believing it was the source of her recovery. Things went back to normal for a while, until Yuuri entered a cooking competition. Airi gave her back her spoon for good luck and watched as her friend made it all the way to the finals. However, when they called out her name on stage, she never came. Finding this strange, Airi went outside to look for her, but instead, she fell inside a witch’s barrier. Right as she was being attacked though, a group of six girls riding giant arrows defeating the witch while protecting her. A grateful Airi thanked the mysterious girls... who honestly didn’t look very happy, but as they walked away, she noticed Yuuri’s spoon lying where the witch was. Wondering out loud why it was there, a voice answered back that the giant monster that was just killed was, or had been, Yuuri all along.

That’s when Airi learned the truth. Her miraculous recovery was due to Yuuri making a contract with Kyubey, becoming a magical girl and fighting witches for the rest of her life in exchange for a single wish. Due to her wish, Yuuri’s powers were linked to healing, so she went around the hospital, curing various people who had incurable diseases. However, she overused her magic and her Soul Gem cracked and transformed into a witch, right in front of the girls who later defeated her.

It was about there that Airi flipped her proverbial shit. She called the girls murderers and swore vengeance on them for killing her best friend... who was totally an eldritch abomination at this point with no possible curing but... whatever! SHE MAD. She contracts with Kyubey, her wish being to take over Yuuri’s life. Airi stopped being Airi and instead she took on the name and physical form of Yuuri, swearing revenge on her friend. She grew rather insane, gleefully massacring witches in her wake (ya know... poor, innocent magical girls like Yuuri was... but hey, IT’S OKAY, SHE MAD!) and eventually acquiring Evil Nuts from an as of yet unknown source. She used said nuts to turn two women into fake witches, praying on their desires and turning them into killing machines. She also eventually tracked down the six girls, known as the Pleiades Saints and kidnapped what she thought was their “greatest treasure”, the seventh member: Kazumi. She knocked her unconscious and stuffed her in a suitcase; however, while bringing her back, she bumped into a man with the same suitcase containing a bomb. He was being blackmailed by one of the fake witches to blow up a mall. Yuuri tried to make the exchange to get Kazumi back, but both the police lead by the fake witch and two members of the Saints showed up. Kazumi returned home and Yuuri had to wait a few days to try again. This time she waited until the Saints ran around town, hunting a witch who had adsorbed two of their friends. She used her powers to transform herself into Satomi, one of the Saints and sent them on a snipe hunt, going her separate way with Kazumi. Both of them got into a fight, but right as she cornered Kazumi, the Saints showed up, having caught up on the trap. She tries to use Kazumi as a meat shield, but Kazumi tells her friends that she trusts them, so they attack both of them, mostly hitting Yuuri, who has no choice but to retreat. She struck back right after they defeated the witch, attacking them from above and taking Kazumi away with her, but not before taunting them with her identity and shooting them with an arrow containing the same symbol as the cooking contest as clues to who she was.

While escaping, she and Kazumi get into an argument which ends up with her thinking about the old Yuuri and making her hesitate. But in the end, she ties up Kazumi at the old stadium where Yuuri died and placed her behind an impenetrable barrier. When the Saints appeared, she revealed her plan: she was going to shove an Evil Nut in Kazumi’s head, turning her into a witch. Kazumi tries to make her listen to reason, but instead Yuuri tells her that the Saints are evil magical girls who go out and kill other magical girls. (So says the girl who was drinking witch blood for shits and giggles) She gets annoyed as none of the girls seem to make the connection between her identity and the clues she left, so she finally takes off her hat and makes her face shown, though only one of the girls realizes who she was, but it doesn’t matter, she shoves that nut into Kazumi’s forehead. The nut doesn’t seem to be working right as Kazumi seems to resist it for a while. However, Kazumi starts to lose it and Yuuri moves on to the next part of her plan and starts attacking her, only so she can see “more murderers’ tears”. She finally tells them that they killed “her” once and now she seeks vengeance by killing Kazumi. However, as she unleashes her strongest attack... the notice that her Soul Gem has gotten pitch black... The Saints tell their own Incubator, this one capable of cleaning Gems on his own, to fix her but...

Well right as she was about to shoot him to stop it, OOPS PAIXAO! And for a bonus, since Juubey didn’t get shot, her Soul Gem is now clean... for a little while *evil laugh*.
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